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Helping you feel good about food and your body




Imagine what life would be like if you no longer felt out of control with eating. Imagine feeling good about yourself and your body.  


Are you struggling with emotional eating, unhappy with your body, feeling out of control with food or your weight? Please know this struggle is not about your lack of willpower or discipline. Simply trying harder with the latest diet, like Keto, is not the answer. The answer is about understanding why you are eating in a way that you don’t like but have a hard time changing it. The answer is about understanding control. 


Binge Eating 
Emotional Eating & Stress Eating
Body Image Concerns
Weight Loss & Weight Management
Anxiety & Stress



Working With Dr. Leslie


Education & Clinical Experience

Chicago Behavioral Health 

Northwestern University, Doctoral Internship

Nova Southeastern University, PsyD, MS

University of Maryland, BA Magna Cum Laude

Broward Health Medical Center

Nova Southeastern's Biofeedback and Health Psychology Clinic

Florida Atlantic University Counseling Center 

Working With Dr. Leslie

I am a warm, empathetic, and honest therapist. I focus on building a strong relationship with everyone I work with. I also take a holistic approach to therapy because people are more than their eating behaviors. For example, we may talk about topics such as sleep and relationships.


I always ask people the following questions: “If we finished our sessions and you said to yourself, ‘I’m so happy I scheduled these therapy appointments’ what would you being doing differently? How would you be feeling, and how would we know our work together had an impact?” I ask these questions so I know exactly what you are working towards to best help you get there. 

I offer online video appointments because I know life is hectic and I don't want fitting in a therapy appointment to be another stressor. With Telehealth you can speak to a therapist from the comfort of your home or during your lunch hour at your office. All you need is a phone or computer and internet connection. 


✔   Psyd (Doctor of Psychology) Degree

  Completed Doctoral Internship at Northwestern’s counseling center. Part of the Eating Concerns Assessment Team working with dieticians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to provide the best care for clients.

✔   Worked at one of the top 10 largest US public hospitals. Collaborated with physicians and dietitians and helped clients in the Wellness Center who struggled with their eating, anxiety, and other health related concerns.

✔   Health coach certification, which results in a deeper and more wholistic understanding of food and eating.

✔   Research about body image, eating, and health related behaviors has been presented in London, Canada, and throughout the US. Presentation List


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If you are not sure if this approach is right for you, or you want to learn more, please send an email to DrRebeccaleslie@gmail.com 

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