Binge Eating Help

Do you feel out of control with food or that you eat a large amount of food during a short amount of time with trouble stopping? If so, you are at the right place. I provide therapy for individuals struggling with binge eating. If you are reading this and recently began binge eating or have been binge eating for years, know there is treatment available to help. Binge eating is very distressing and I am passionate about helping people develop a new relationship with food. 


With therapy you will have an open, nonjudgmental, and compassionate space where you can understand why you are binge eating. Then we will work to understand how to change this behavior.

Please see below for symptoms of binge eating disorder. During the first session I will also assess for symptoms and talk about the diagnosis as appropriate.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms 

Binge Eating is characterized by eating within a discrete period of time an amount of food larger than what most people would eat in a similar amount of time and feeling a sense of lack of control over eating (e.g., feeling that you can not stop eating or can not control how much you are eating).

Distress regarding the binge eating is present 

Binge eating occurs at least once a week, on average, for three months. 

​The binge eating may be associated with any of the following:

- Eating quicker than normal

-Eating until feeling uncomfortably full

-Eating a large amount of food when not physically hungry

-Eating alone due to embarrassment over how much you are eating

-After the binge, feeling disgust, depressed, or guilt

(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders Fith Edition)

In addition to therapy for stress eating and emotional eating, therapy is also provided for binge eating, body image concernsanxiety and stressinsomnia, and depression.