Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes. The first appointment will focus on understanding your concerns and history as well as discussing goals.


Online Hippa compliant Video sessions (Telehealth) and sessions in our Chicago office are available. 


Education & Consultation

Targeted Talks

One time 40-minute coaching appointments. These 40-minute phone or video appointments are targeted at one of the following eating or body image topics: 

  • Mindful Eating - Focused on learning how to slow down, listen to your body, and pay attention to your food choices. You will gain many different ways to apply mindful eating to your life.

  • Better Body Image - A session focused on ways you can begin to feel better about your body today. 

  • Diet Mindset Shift - I’ve had one (cookie, slice of pizza, brownie, etc.) - I’ve blown it - I’ll start again tomorrow. You will learn more about this common thought pattern and how to handle it. This talk also focuses on why diets are harmful and a better alternative approach. 

*Please note these sessions are not therapy sessions, or a substitute for therapy. 

Wellness Presentations

Presentations focused on eating, food, or body image. These presentations are offered for small groups, companies, or larger corporations. You can select from a list of presentation topics or work with Dr. Leslie to pick a topic that is tailored specifically to your group's goals.

Kitchen Kickstart

This service is for people who want to learn more about how to make changes in their food presentation and organization that result in changes in their eating behaviors. Also, learn about how the food you keep in your home, and what you don’t keep in your home, impacts your eating behavior. 

Example of what you will learn: The way food is stored impacts how much you eat. When clear containers of M&M’s at Google’s New York office were changed to dark containers employees ate a total of 3 million fewer calories of M&M’s during the 7 weeks following the change (Mann, 2017).

*This service is not for individuals with an eating disorder, but for people looking to change their eating habits. 

Bariatric Evaluations

Assessments for individuals who are planning to have bariatric surgery. Online Telehealth and in person appointments available. 

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