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Online Therapy 

Individual therapy is provided through Telehealth  video sessions. You can meet with a psychologist from the convenience of your home or location of your choosing. 

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Online Therapy Appointment

You can do therapy appointments from the comfort of your home. Online therapy is a flexible and convenient way to meet with a psychologist. With telehealth you don't have to commute, sit in a waiting room, or even leave your home or office. Telehealth truly makes it easy to fit counseling into your day. 

Dr. Leslie provides appointment times throughout the day, including the lunch hour, and in the evening. Before the first appointment, you will be invited to a confidential online client portal and given a link for your telehealth appointment. 

Through video appointments you can get anxiety treatment, emotional eating help, stress eating counselingbinge eating treatment, depression treatment, or insomnia treatment

*At this time, in person therapy sessions are not available. All therapy sessions are through telehealth video appointments.


Dr. Leslie provides services at Living Fully Therapy in Atlanta and Equipoise Teletherapy, an online group therapy practice. 

Logging into an online therapy session

Online Therapy Sessions

You do not have to live in Atlanta to benefit from therapy with Dr. Leslie. 


While Dr. Leslie is located in Atlanta, Georgia, with video appointments she can see clients throughout the state of Georgia. Dr. Leslie is also a licensed psychologist in 13 states. She is licensed to provide therapy to clients that live in Illinois, Texas, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Virginia, and Utah. 

If you are:

Struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eatingfeeling unhappy with your body or wanting to change your relationship with food.


 Dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, or insomnia 

You are in the right place.