5 Sleep Tips

Updated: Jan 5

Here are five sleep tips that can help you fall asleep tonight

There is a lot you can do to help you sleep. Here are some ideas:

1. Turn the clock away and don’t look at your phone. Checking the time increases anxiety if you are counting how much sleep you get. It is important not to clock watch.

2. Create a relaxing bed time routine. Repeat it each night. This routine tells your mind and body it’s time to unwind. 

3. Avoid stimulating activities before bed time. For example, don’t call the cousin that you tend to fight with. 

4. You can try a weighted blanked to help sooth and reduce anxiety.

5. Look up Progressive Muscle Relaxation on YouTube and try it to help relax. If you type in "Progressive Muscle Relaxation" you will find a lot of good options.

Hope everyone has a great night sleep!

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