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Tips To Add More Movement (Specifically Walking) To Your Day

1. If you want to walk in the morning, lay out everything you need the night before. Put it on the floor in front of the bedroom door so that you have to step on it before walking out of your bedroom. This is a great reminder to put on your workout gear and get moving.

2. Suggest walk and talk meetings with coworkers instead of going out to lunch.

3. Think about your values and why walking is important to you. Set a reminder on your phone when you want to walk and have the reminder say, “walk because X value is important to me.” For example, "walk because my health is important to me."

4. Make it a habit of talking to friends on the phone and walking. You can even ask your friends to help you be accountable to this by sharing your goal to walk and talk on the phone. When you are on the phone with them they can ask you if you are walking. If you are not, this could be your reminder to walk.

5. Use visualization and imagine how you will feel after you walk.

6. A big barrier to walking is you are comfortable and don’t want to change and get ready. Try wearing your sneakers and workout clothes to work, if you are able to. If you are working from home, try wearing just workout clothes on your bottom half (no one can see that from the zoom meetings :)). You could also try changing into workout clothes an hour before you want to workout so you get mentally prepared that you will be walking soon.

7. Take a work call on the phone and walk outside, or just walk around your living space.

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