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Insomnia Treatment

If you are reading this and having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, know you are not alone. I know how distressing laying in bed awake unable to fall asleep can be. I am trained in CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) and have experience helping people struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep in various settings (hospitals, medical centers, private practice, and counseling centers). Additionally, I have presented about sleep at hospitals and have developed a treatment program to help with sleep for a research study.


If you ask google for help you will likely find sleep hygiene tips. While these can be very helpful, for a lot of people these tips are not enough. Therapy has been shown to be helpful for insomnia and has good research support. I stay up to date with the latest research on insomnia and will share with you during our sessions some of this research. I also will help you understand why you are struggling with sleep and what you can do to get some relief. 


In addition to traditional individual therapy, I provide short term therapy or consultation sessions for people who are in therapy with another therapist and need more support with sleep. 


*If you are having problems with sleep and have not tried sleep hygiene tips I have listed some information on the resources page.


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