Emotional eating and stress eating




Some stress eating and emotional eating is normal. We are human beings with emotions and it’s hard to separate these emotions from food. We grow up with cakes to celebrate birthdays and lollipops at the doctor to make us feel better. It is not uncommon for the relationship with food to become complicated and for us to turn to food to deal with an emotional experience or distract us from something. 


Emotional eating feels problematic when you try to stop and can’t or it occurs frequently. It can be very upsetting to feel out of control with food or that you are doing a behavior that you want to stop but it feels like you can’t. Please know, therapy can help.  

In therapy we will work together to understand why you are eating in a way that you don’t like. I will share my understanding of what stress eating is serving for you. We are designed to repeat behaviors that provide us with a positive experience in some way or a relief of a negative experience. We will understand what role stress or emotional eating plays for you. We will then work together to understand how to change the pattern of stress or emotional eating and ultimately change your relationship with food.

 Stress or Emotional Eating

Stress eating and emotional eating help is not the only service offered. Therapy is also provided for binge eating, body image concernsanxiety and stressinsomnia, and depression.